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Life Begins with a Choice....






Sharron’s Coaching for Life program assist people to constructively deal with changes in their personal and/or professional lives. Sharron is also employed to help people reach a greater level of personal or professional attainment. 

      *STD coaching and awareness (You have the right to make the choice).

     *Coaching students with learning disabilities on how to move forward and to  .        dream big.


       *Community Base Coaching

       *Assaults on College Campus

       *Master Conversations Webinars


Transformation Coaching for Seniors

Group Coaching/Workshops on moving forward in the 21st Century.

Learn how to use Social Media
Understanding the do`s and don’ts of dating
STD Coaching and awareness
How to be elegant and sexy in your Senior years

Provide community-based counseling/coaching to a broad variety of clients:

  • *Ambassador/ Coaching on Child Sex/Exploitation and Human Trafficking

  • *Political Advocate/Coach

  • *Tele-coaching (classes, training, mentoring) 


Advanced Training

Child Exploitation/Human Trafficking Ambassador ● Political Advocate ● International Platform Speaker and Mentor ● Conflict Resolution Group Coaching ● Mindfulness to improve focus and reduce stress ● Relationship and dating Coaching ● Anxiety reduction ● STD Coaching on awareness and how to move forward.

Please email me for coaching fees.  Also I offer phone session 30minutes to 1hour.


Coming soon is Sip and Chat with me....Sharron J Brown.  I will be hosting meetings (by phone or a location) on how to continue Moving Forward in 2015.  In order to stay on schedule with the meetings, you must purchase the book. Thanks in advance for your support and I’m so excited about chatting with you.









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