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My Story


Dr. Sharron J. Brown lost her voice around five years old when she was violated, raped as a freshman in college and then coerced into the world of Adult Entertainment by two female recruiters. Sharron didn’t have any idea that her life as a Stripper would eventually lead her to  into the horrific dark world of Sex/Human Trafficking & Exploitation. That dark world opened up a plethora of experiences which caused her to hit rock bottom.  Sharron eventually escaped that dark place but transitioned to become one of the hottest drug smugglers in the country and was eventually incarcerated.  


After years of shame, despair, hurt, brokenness and humiliation Sharron persevered.  Although her journey did not happen overnight, it took many years for Sharron to regain her strength, courage, confidence, stabilization, discover her purpose and to find her voice. Sharron’s turning point came when she had a life changing conversation with her dear Aunt which led her on a spiritual journey and road that would change the course of her destiny through soul searching, self-examination, facing her fears, walking by faith, soaring over her past and discovering her purpose.  


Sharron lost her voice, found her voice and is currently using her voice today as a platform to expose the dark world of Sex/Human Trafficking & Exploitation. As she uses her voice to help transform the lives of others, she has the distinct pleasure of hearing her voice through the lives of those she has inspired. Sharron has learned many valuable lessons along the way but the greatest lesson was the day that she understood her worth, value, became a woman of power and found her voice.  


Currently, Sharron is an Ambassador to the State of Georgia, She has been appointed as a Ambassador for The Winnie Mandela Cup in South Africa. Inspirational Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Founder of Treasure Box Inspirational Network, Certified Counselor in Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT), Child Exploitation Ambassador, Political Advocate, Five Star Author, Award Winning International Platform Speaker and Mentor. Sharron is a survivor of many things in her lifetime. She has spent fifteen plus years empowering and helping people overcome many obstacles in their lives. In 2019 Dr. Sharron open her new school "The Dr. Sharron J. Brown Restoration Hope Center for Women and Girl in Rwanda, Africa!!!


Sharron is fortunate to have found her calling and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others on a professional and personal level. As a Life Coach, Sharron is an expert in the area of growth, women empowerment, youth development and STD awareness. Sharron’s multidimensional approach to personal and spiritual growth helps people to own their truth, release their past, make a connection within, discover their passion and work on continuing education while applying their acquired knowledge to get transformative results. Sharron travels and presents various workshops to help motivate women, teens and college students through personal development, growth and raise awareness about Sexual Transmitted Diseases by hosting workshops, conferences, community outreaches and summits. Sharron has been featured multiple times on CBS radio and has been coined “The Extraordinary Life Coach.” Sharron is living and walking in her purpose by helping others to navigate, develop, make progress, transform and tap into the power that lies within.  Recently Sharron received a 2016 Unsung Heroine Award for her Humanitarian work. She found her calling and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others on a professional and personal level.  

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